Bulk Hot Water System

Bulk Hot Water System Repairs

Bulk Hot Water Servicing & Repairs Melbourne

QC Plumbing has years of experience servicing and repairing Bulk Hot Water Systems for Melbourne's apartment blocks, units, and commercial office buildings. We work with body corporates, property managers and owners and real estate agencies who manage the buildings and apartment blocks. 

We're your local plumbers! We can test, install or replace the bulk hot water system quickly with minimal interruption to your hot water services and no time is wasted. Our team of experienced plumbers service Melbourne's bayside and southeastern suburbs providing quick professional responses when needed.

Being Melbourne’s Bulk Hot Water System Specialists! Utilising advanced tools and equipment so we can restore quality back to your property’s hot water supply. 

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Bulk Hot Water System
Bulk Hot Water System

What is a Bulk Hot Water System

Bulk Hot Water provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to heating your apartment or office hot water system. The centralised system delivers hot water directly into apartment buildings, townhouse developments. office blocks or any other multi-dwelling units where it can be used by all residents without relying on individual tanks like before!

How do I know if I have Bulk Hot Water System?

If you have Bulk Hot Water, your whole apartment building will have a Bulk Hot Water System. If this is the case you will notice there will be no separate hot water service inside your apartment or home. Talk to your Property Manager or Body Corporate or Real Estate agent who will be able to confirm this for you. It's usually their responsibility for maintaining & Repairing the Bulk Hot Water System if needed .

How do I Know our Bulk Hot Water System needs fixing

If you're finding that you are running out of hot water to quickly or there is no hot water would suggest it needs servicing and repairing. In this case, we would suggest calling your property manager to organise a plumber asap. Other signs that something is not right could be the water looks dirty or strange colour, the water coming out in spurts rather than a steady flow.

What happens if my Hot Water is Faulty

If your Hot Water is faulty in your apartment then you will need to call your property manager to arrange a professional to come out and service the Bulk Hot Water System, they will usually have a plumber they know who can help. If this is not the case please feel free to call QC Plumbing

Why do I have a Bulk Hot Water System

Bulk Hot Water systems are generally used in multi-dwellings due to many benefits saving on costs and service efficiency. Also it saves space inside each apartment as the Bulk Water System is usually located on the roof or basement of the complex.

Bulk Hot Water System Maintenance

Bulk Hot Water Servicing Program

Bulk Hot Water Testing and Maintenance
Your building property manager should have a regular maintenance contract with professional experienced Plumbers to service your bulk Hot Water System and test at least once a year as a preventative measure. This will help the longevity of your system and hopefully avoid any high costs from a major breakdown or failure and any inconvenience this would cause.

Installation and Replacement of Bulk Hot Water Systems
QC Plumbing offers full installation and replacement service providing the most reliable and efficient bulk hot water system depending on the requirements for the building. Our skilled plumbers will install and maintain your apartment block, units and home or office block.

QC Plumbing will repair, service or install your bulk hot water system quickly and effectively!

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Bulk Hot Water Systems
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