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Gas Leak Detection Services Melbourne

A gas leak should always be taken seriously as we consider this to be potentially dangerous. It can affect your health and increase the risk of a fire or explosion. If for some reason you suspect a gas leak then please call our expert gas fitters at QC Plumbing immediately. 

While gas leaks can be easy to sense and smell it may be harder to find the source from where it is coming from. Our experienced team of plumbers will find and repair this gas leak quickly making your home or office safe again.

QC plumbers are trained and equipped to not only find the leak using specialist leak equipment, they are also suitably experienced to provide you with the most efficient options to expose and repair.

It is important for gas leaks to be repaired with a quick turnaround time, means less chance of ongoing damage. Qualified plumbers providing the most efficient resolution, and ability to execute works immediately.

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Can you smell a Gas leak?

What to do if you smell a gas leak.

  • First, turn off your gas supply connection ASAP
  • Turn off all your gas and electrical appliances such as appliances and heaters
  • Turn off your gas meter if you know where this is
  • Contact your gas retailer if you're not sure where this is located and ask for instructions on how to turn off in necessary
  • Call QC Plumbing ASAP to let them know of your situation so we can arrange a quick response time and repair your leaking gas pipes asap
  • Open your windows and doors to allow good fresh air flow

With our eagle-eyes and wide range of equipment we proudly offer unmatched leak detection services throughout Melbourne, ensuring that leaking pipes and drains quickly become aproblem of the past. 

For more information about our extensive knowledge, experience, and plumbing services speak to one of our dedicated plumbers directly on .

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