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Water Pipe Leak Detection Services Melbourne

When a burst pipe is concealed in a wall or under concrete, the last thing an owner or landlord needs is hold-ups and delays in finding and fixing the problem. If leak detection is required don't waste time referring to a separate contractor to pinpoint the location. 

QC plumbers are trained and equipped to not only find the leak using our specialist leak equipment, they are also suitably experienced to provide you with the most efficient options to expose and repair.

Quick turnaround time, means less chance of ongoing damage. Qualified plumbers providing the most efficient resolution, and ability to execute works immediately.

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Example of water leak detection.1
Image showing the $10k kit we use for water and gas leak detection.1

Leaking Pipe Repairs

QC Plumbing has the skills and expertise to quickly patch up any water leak woes you may be experiencing. Trust their expert plumbing services for a solution that stands the test of time!

We recommend getting ahead of the problem and making sure to contact your local plumbing professionals for repair services if you suspect even minor leaks. Letting this issue go unaddressed can easily lead to costly damages that could have been prevented with timely attention!

Strange and unpleasant smells can be a hint of something more insidious – such as an underlying mould or mildew issue. This may very well stem from excessive wetness in the home, potentially caused by hidden water leakage through pipes.

With rising pressure in your pipes, unchecked leaking could result in costly water bills and structural damage. Act quickly to protect yourself from these outcomes!

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